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The Center for Wellness and Hormonal Balance is a health and wellness center in Key Biscayne, Florida, where board-certified family medicine practitioner Ricardo Revilla, MD, specializes in solving underlying hormone imbalances that lead to widespread, diverse symptoms. Dr. Revilla provides high-level, personalized medical care for hormone and nutrient imbalances that is not available anywhere else.

Dr. Revilla has over three decades of experience in medicine. He earned his medical degree from the Universidad Superior de Ciencias M├ędicas in Havana, Cuba. Before bringing his expertise to the United States, he practiced as an anesthesiologist in Cuba. After moving stateside, he continued his training and completed a residency in family practice through the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences in Arkansas.

Early in his career, Dr. Revilla accumulated experience working in emergency medicine, frequently seeing patients with hormone imbalances and early signs of aging. That motivated him to seek further training in bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, which he now offers for men and women at the Center for Wellness and Hormonal Balance using BioTE® bioidentical hormone pellets.

Dr. Revilla also provides treatments such as IV nutrient therapy, thyroid optimization, and supplements.

At the Center for Wellness and Hormonal Balance, Dr. Revilla educates his patients so they can make informed decisions about their care. He spends ample time with them, patiently listening to their symptoms without judgment, and performs considerable testing before recommending or tailoring their treatment plans.

Patients tend to describe Dr. Revilla as warm, charismatic, and approachable.

He welcomes returning patients and new patients at the Center for Wellness and Hormonal Balance.

Our Mission

Our mission here at Dr. Ricardo Revilla is to provide the highest quality medical care with a level of personalized care not available anywhere else. We strive to educate our patients so they can make informed decisions about their care and discover how they can conquer their disease or problem rather than just being dragged along for the ride. We accomplish this by spending much more time with our patients and truly listening to their symptoms. Our patients are much more comfortable speaking with us since we are patient and nonjudgmental. We tailor treatment plans to each patient and teach our patients about both their disease and treatment so they can be better involved with their care.

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